Research shows that over 90% of frequent I-70 travelers make efforts to avoid congestion, and our project is just the resource to help weekend travelers avoid the jam!  Our Travel Forecast, posted every week, tells drivers how they can plan around congestion for the coming weekend.  Options for getting to the mountains without your personal vehicle will quadruple starting in the 2021-2022 ski season!! In effort to get cars off this congested corridor, we have also compiled all things transit and carpooling at are below!

Travel Forecast

In advance of every weekend and holiday, gives you a guide for how to avoid congestion.  We look at historic data, weather, and more and tell you the best and worst times to travel I-70. 

We know good information allows you to make good travel choices. CDOT makes their real time road info available to you via text, email, phone, app or web.  Learn how to connect with the method of your choice at

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The majority of the time I-70 is free of congestion so a few simple Travel Tips can help you avoid the traffic jam. 

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This is where you will find the lastest information – from news on the next big I-70 project, to the announcement of a new ski bus, or to details on CDOT’s latest plans to improve the flow of traffic. To receive this info via email, sign up for the GoI70 eBlast below.  Follow GoI70 on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss a thing.

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All things mountain transit-related are listed here.  Weekend ski and van services, weekday bus service, local bus systems, airport shuttles and more are all at

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There are multiple options for finding a convenient and affordable carpool to the mountains.  Want to know the best place to park to start your carpool up I-70?  Did you know many towns and resorts offer incentives for you to arrive with a full car?  Information on all things carpooling can be found at

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Over 150 businesses along and adjacent to the I-70 mountain corridor will reward you for sticking around the mountains later and avoiding peak travel times.  Find discounted dining, lodging and activities through the fully searchable Peak Time Deals database.

Travel Tips from the I-70 Coalition

Stay Informed

We offer two options to keep I-70 travelers informed of current
activity and future plans for the I-70 mountain corridor.

I-70 Alert

The I-70 Alert e-newsletter keeps you up to date on the big picture, including current and future policies, projects, studies and initiatives aimed at fixing I-70. 
Frequency: Quarterly eBlast eBlasts keep you informed on potential impacts and opportunities related to your trips on I-70. These short updates contain timely info on construction projects, new transit options, CDOT winter operations and strategies for beating the crowds.
Frequency: An average of 1-2 times/month