Transportation Demand Management

Identifying and implementing short term strategies that can positively impact congestion in the near term is critical to mobility on the I-70 corridor. The I-70 Coalition’s Travel Demand Management (TDM) Program works to achieve congestion reduction through the building of ‘Non-Infrastructure Components’ as outlined in the I-70 Record of Decision (ROD). These TDM efforts aim to maximize person throughput on I-70 through a variety of modes, as well as encourage a shift in demand to ‘off-peak’ travel times. 

The website is the I-70 Coalition’s platform for delivering such information to the traveling public and offers more detailed information on all the elements listed below.

  1. Traveler Education & will continue to be the I-70 Coalition’s platform for delivering TDM information to the traveling public and organizations that serve the traveling public. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be utilized to drive traffic to and will also to extend our communications reach. The quarterly I-70 Alert newsletter, monthly GoI70 eblast and the blog round out the I-70 Coalition’s communications tools. Outreach will educate I-70 travelers about peak weekend and holiday travel times and encourage off peak travel, promote congestion avoidance strategies through promotion of the I-70 Travel Tips, raise awareness of existing transit options and carpooling platforms.
  2. Promote TDM Strategies through Strategic Partnerships – Share messaging and creative assets with key partners and stakeholders to share with their guests, visitors, constituents and customers. B)Strategic partners and stakeholders include resorts/ski areas, resort associations, local governments, corridor legislators, tourism-based organizations, Front Range transportation management organizations (TMOs), ski/bike/hiking clubs and teams, lodging and property management businesses, chambers of commerce, local and regional transit agencies, CDOT, CSP, Colorado Motor Carriers Association, as well as agencies and nonprofits with a focus on sustainability, climate action, emission reduction, and transit advocacy.
  3. Maintain & Enhance TDM Partnerships with CDOT, the ski resorts and local/regional transit agencies.
  4. Advocate for Enhancement and Expansion of I-70 Transit Services – Advocate for continuation and expansion of transit service such as Bustang, Snowstang and Pegasus on the I-70 mountain corridor. Maintain an active role in partnership development and planning.
  5. Support and Promote Carpooling – Actively support existing carpool apps and future carpool platforms, including marketing support and partnership development. Work with ski resorts to expand or develop incentives and promote carpooling as part of their base operations and parking plans.
  6. Collect & Analyze Data to Inform TDM Program – Research efforts will enhance knowledge of the I-70 traveler, their behavior, and the awareness and effectiveness of current travel alternatives and the I-70 Coalition’s TDM Program.

Find the 2022 TDM Work Plan here

Research Efforts

The I-70 Coalition surveyed 3800 frequent I-70 users to learn their interest in public transit, carpooling, how congestion effects their plans to visit the mountains, what strategies they utilize to deal with weekend congestion, among many other topics. A separate research effort surveyed over 1200 riders on Bustang and Snowstang to learn their views on these I-70 public transit services, their motivations for riding and more.

The 2024 I-70 User Survey report is here.
The 2022 I-70 Transit Ridership Survey report here.
A comprehensive report on the key findings of the above surveys is here.

I-70 Auto Sock Program

Vehicles with poor traction can have a significant, negative impact on winter I-70 travel, resulting in accidents and closures.  The I-70 Coalition has partnered with McGee Company, the Colorado AutoSock distributor, to provide the AutoSock traction device to I-70 stakeholders at the wholesale price.  The AutoSock is an easy to use textile tire cover designed to help vehicles get traction on snow and ice. Download the media release here.

You can find the AutoSock at retail outlets here.

Businesses on the I-70 corridor that are willing to stock this product can purchase AutoSocks at the wholesale price, and will receive favorable terms. This program is not intended for the end user/consumer.  Interested businesses can email for more details.

Making these effective traction devices more readily available throughout the I-70 mountain corridor will hopefully result in better-equipped I-70 travelers and a reduction in spun-out vehicles this winter season!

I-70 Operations and Maintenance

Construction projects, snow plowing, metering and all other operation and maintenance functions are under the purview of the Colorado Department of Transportation.  The I-70 Coalition participates as a stakeholder as projects are being considered and studied.  The organization does not have any role in the implementation of projects.   An overview of CDOT’s Winter Operations Plan can be viewed here.

Stay Informed

We offer two options to keep I-70 travelers informed of current
activity and future plans for the I-70 mountain corridor.

I-70 Alert

The I-70 Alert e-newsletter keeps you up to date on the big picture, including current and future policies, projects, studies and initiatives aimed at fixing I-70. 
Frequency: Quarterly eBlast eBlasts keep you informed on potential impacts and opportunities related to your trips on I-70. These short updates contain timely info on construction projects, new transit options, CDOT winter operations and strategies for beating the crowds.
Frequency: An average of 1-2 times/month